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Scarlett Johansson cracks joke about her prenuptial agreement with Colin Jost

Scarlett Johansson has cracked a joke about the supposed requirement in her prenuptial agreement with her husband Colin Jost.

The actor, 39, made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, July 8, where she spoke about her latest film, Fly Me to the Moon. Speaking to host Fallon, Johansson teased that the Saturday Night Live comedian makes a cameo in the 2024 romantic comedy.

“Greg Berlanti, who’s our director, is a huge fan of Colin’s. And Colin, like, I think he had to do it because it’s, like, in our prenuptial agreement,” Johansson jokingly said. “If I ask him to do something, he has to be there to support me. He has to be in every one of my films.”

When asked by Fallon whether she and her husband, who have been married since 2020, run lines together, the Black Widow star shed light on some of Jost’s questionable acting techniques.

“I run lines with him – which is great, you’d think that would be very convenient because you have a partner there to help you out, to learn your lines for tomorrow or whatever,” Johansson said. “He really commits to the line-reading, and it’s not always the performance I want it to be. I’m like, ‘Just say the lines!’”

Scarlett Johansson cracks joke about her prenuptial agreement with Colin Jost

In Fly Me to the Moon, Johansson stars as Kelly Jones – a Don Draper-esque ad exec hired to promote public support for Nasa’s Apollo 11 mission – alongside Channing Tatum, who portrays Nasa launch director Cole Davis. In addition to Johansson and Tatum, actors Ray Romano and Woody Harrelson star in the film.

Jost and Johansson first met back in 2010, when the Lost in Translation actor hosted SNL for the first time. The pair sparked up a relationship in 2017, following Johansson’s divorce from French journalist Romain Dauriac, and announced their engagement in 2019.

In October 2020, the couple tied the knot during an intimate ceremony amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Jost announced they had welcomed their first child, a son named Cosmo, less than a year later.

Johansson shares her eight-year-old daughter Rose with ex Dauriac. The former couple were married from 2014 to 2017. The Asteroid City star was also married to actor Ryan Reynolds from 2008 to 2011.

Most recently, Jost made his own quip about his marriage to Johansson during the season 49 finale of SNL last May. During the “Weekend Update” segment, co-hosts Jost and Michael Che took turns cracking some shocking jibes in their annual joke swap. In line with the tradition, Che tricked Jost into poking fun at Johansson, causing Jost to squirm in discomfort.

“ChatGPT has released a new voice assistant feature inspired by Scarlett Johansson’s AI character in Her,” a nervous Jost told viewers. “Which I’ve never bothered to watch, because without that body what’s the point of listening?”

The comedian immediately burst into laughter, while also hiding his face in his hands out of embarrassment.

Fly Me to the Moon hits theaters in the US on July 12.  Read The Independent’s two-star review here.

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