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Headlinesn > Entertainment > Scottish artist paints over artwork in AI protest
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Scottish artist paints over artwork in AI protest

Forbes said he had embraced the internet since its early days and it had allowed him to reach galleries around the world.

But he said he was now only sharing parts of paintings on social media, and inviting people to see the full finished pieces in-person at exhibitions.

Dingwall-born Forbes was an apprentice of the late Pop artist and acclaimed sculptor Gerald Laing, who was a close friend of artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein,

Newcastle-upon-Tyne-born Laing set up a family home in Kinkell Castle on the Black Isle, not far from where Forbes grew up.

Forbes’ work has referenced women’s rights campaigns and featured “mash ups” of glamorous Hollywood icons.

US presidents such as Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln have appeared in some of his paintings.

He also creates posters and other artwork for the Belladrum music festival near Inverness.

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