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Sean Diddy Combs faces new lawsuit over assault

Model Crystal McKinney is suing Sean Diddy Combs for drugging and sexually assaulting her

Model Crystal McKinney is the recent one to come forward with allegations of being drugged and sexually assaulted by rapper Sean Diddy Combs.

McKinney first met Combs at Men’s Fashion Week dinner at Cipriani Downtown when a designer introduced her to the rapper with the assurances that it help her career.

Prior to the event, the model was instructed to dye her hair and wear a new outfit to seem attractive to Combs. The Bad Boy CEO, too, assured the then 22-year-old model that ‘he had power in the industry’ to help her get ahead in her career. The suit highlighted sexually-inviting gestures and ‘flirtatious’ remarks from Combs’ which ended up building up to a further invitation to his studio, to ‘get to know her better.’

Combs and an associate then allegedly pressured her to smoke weed and drink to later take advantage of McKinney. Combs asked her to join him in the bathroom where he ‘began kissing her without her consent’ and forced her to perform an intimate act on him. She recalls passing out and later waking up in a cab on her way home.

People also highlighted from the legal documents that McKinney mentions getting ‘blackballed’ in the fashion industry after that incident and being hospitalised for a suicide attempt in 2004. McKinney saved the unwashed clothing from that night in her closet and wrapped them in a plastic sheet.

McKinney, one of six accusers, has sought coverage of attorneys’ fees and costs besides compensatory and punitive damages. Her decision to sue Combs comes a week after he took responsibility and apologised for Cassie Ventura’s abuse where kicked, punched, and dragged his girlfriend in a Los Angeles hotel in 2016.

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