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Shahid Afridi spills bean on why he chose Shaheen Afridi as his son-in-law

Pakistani pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi (left) poses with his father-in-law Shahid Afridi during his Nikah ceremony in Karachi on February 4, 2023. — X/iShaheenAfridi

Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi has finally revealed the reason why he married his daughter to leading fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi.

The 23-year-old seamer tied the knot with former all-rounder Shahid Afridi’s second daughter in an intimate Nikah ceremony held in February this year.

Meanwhile, the couple’s wedding ceremony and Valima reception were held in September 2023 in Karachi and Islamabad, respectively.

Speaking on a private news channel, Afridi said that the two families were in touch on this matter for a long time.

“Shaheen’s family was in touch with my family on this topic for a long time. A human should be a human, that is the most important thing,” Afridi added. “He is a great human. I didn’t know him personally, the elders of our family used to know one another, but we lost contact [with each other].”

The star cricketer also said, “So whoever was playing domestic cricket with Shaheen praised his attitude and lauded him as a human being saying that he was very mature. So all those things were important for me that a human is a human.”

During the same conversation, the former skipper was also asked if he ever got an offer of doing a movie to which he replied he never considered doing that.

“Yes, I got an offer two to three times, in India as well, I think one should only do something that he can. My identity was cricket, I was never in movies, and neither was my family into that so I never thought of that. It was fine doing some acting in TV commercials but that was it,” he said.

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