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Shania Twain leaves Glastonbury much impressed

The crowd stretched all the way to the back of the field – matching, but probably not surpassing, Coldplay’s audience on Saturday night.

And while Chris Martin had Tom Cruise and Stormzy watching his set, Twain got her own cast of A-listers, including model Cara Delevigne and Mad Max star Anya Taylor Joy.

Perhaps her set didn’t equal Kylie or Dolly in terms of surefire singalongs, but no sane person could have denied the response to her closing song – the aforementioned Man! I Feel Like A Woman.

By that point, Twain had given so much of herself that she gave up singing the melody, opting for a low-register harmony while her backing singers handled the high notes. (Her voice, it should be noted, has never been the same since Lyme disease caused nerve damage to her vocal cords in the early 2000s).

The audience, meanwhile, climbed on each other’s shoulders, swung their feather boas and screamed back every word in unison.

Afterwards, fans told the BBC they were much impressed.

“It was absolutely incredible. Best part of the weekend,” said Bethany from Surrey.

“I couldn’t have wished for anything more,” agreed Gloucester fan Liv. “She put on a fantastic show.”

“She was absolutely insane. I love her so much,” added Leah, from Middlesborough.

“At her age, she looks unbelievable, she’s got so much confidence.

“She is girl power, completely.”

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