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The 10 Most Classic Designer Handbag Brands of Our Generation

Perhaps the most exclusive classic designer handbag brand on our list, Hermès is everlasting in its appeal thanks to its timeless design and its rarity. The sale of any new bag lies wholly with the sales teams’ discretion—there’s no guarantee you’ll be offered the colour, size or even design you request, or if you’ll even […]

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Sorry to My Black Bags—This Classy Shade Is My New Go-To This Winter

We’re not even in the midst of winter and I’m already growing sick of styling the same black, grey and beige items on repeat—but, whilst the grey clouds remain a permanent feature, I’m not yet in the mood to integrate all that much colour into my wardrobe. So, this season I’m working through my predicament by stocking up on my current […]

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Fashion Insiders Can’t Get Enough of This French-Girl It Bag

In recent years fashion editors and insiders have been investing in elevated, everyday staples, with an increased demand for timeless pieces that are resistant to the fickle trend cycle. This considered and minimalist aesthetic is particularly prominent in the handbag category, where form and function are key considerations. Parisian fashion house Longchamp has a reputation within […]

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