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Taylor Swift defends Lady Gaga over ‘invasive’ pregnancy rumours

Gaga also urged followers to register to vote, and smiled as she lipsynched to an audio clip, saying: “I don’t have to find an aesthetic; I am the aesthetic.

“I mean, I’m sure there’s somebody out here right now who is going into Pinterest trying to type up all these adjectives to describe me.”

Swift’s comments prompted a flood of responses underneath, such as “Gaga and Taylor OMG” and hopeful suggestions that the two might do a musical collaboration.

This isn’t the first time there has been online speculation over whether a celebrity is pregnant.

In March, High School Musical actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens responded to such comments.

US Weekly, external reported that she told the She Pivots podcast, external: “I was like: ‘That is so rude. I’m sorry, I don’t wear Spanx every day, and, like, am a real woman and have a real body’.”

In January, Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey defended her decision to keep her pregnancy private, external, despite people saying online saying she had “lied” about it.

“I never lied or even said anything about it honey, making a joke about my nose was the farthest I went,” she said.

“I’ll never understand why you are mad I protected my own peace, wouldn’t you do the same?

“And I’m gonna share my pics now if I want to because my son is here safely, if u don’t wanna see it just keep scrolling baby lol God bless you.”

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