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Taylor Swift: Singer Mette on opening the Eras tour at Wembley

One person who understands the pressure Mette is about to face is Beabadoobee, who supported Taylor on some American tour dates in 2023.

Signed to Matty Healy’s label, the Take A Bite artist has been performing for years, but she told Newsbeat at Radio 1’s Big Weekend how nerve-wracking it can be playing those huge support slots.

“I remember someone telling me by the first show, you would be fine.

“And I just wasn’t fine, I was terrified. Every time I stepped foot on that stage, I was clenching my butt cheeks.

“But it was fun, the crowd were really welcoming.”

After hearing what Beabadoobee said, Mette jokes: “Well, my butt cheeks will also be clenched, because I’m going to be twerking and dancing.

“But I can understand how those types of venues and [that] many eyes can be a bit daunting.”

Like Beabadoobee, Mette is no stranger to the stage but she’s more used to dancing than singing.

And she feels that experience as a backing dancer will help her, because she’s played at Glastonbury and Wembley before.

“And no, I didn’t have the microphone in my hand. But I had six years where I could become comfortable being witnessed in that way.”

She is now glad to be getting recognised for her music instead.

“I’m just really excited because over the last five years of making music and writing these songs, I get to perform on the stage now.

“This is truly the epitome of my dream come true,” she says.

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