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Teenage couple creates presentation to ask parents’ permission to have sleepovers

A teenage couple has decided that there is one step in their relationship that they want to take with their parents’ permission.

Jessica Buel recently posted on TikTok about her 18-year-old son, Kaden, and his girlfriend, Kaysha, who were giving a PowerPoint presentation to ask his mother and father if they would be allowed to have sleepovers. The various topics covered in the presentation included promises that they wouldn’t be loud and wouldn’t stay up late.

In the video, the couple started off with a disclaimer, where they took the opportunity to address any concerns his parents may have about the idea of them spending the night together.

“Two 18 year olds, you guys think there’s going to be sex. Understandable,” Kaysha said. “So we’re going to go over your concerns in this slideshow.”

Their first point was that they didn’t want to have children any time soon, specifically noting how expensive children are and that the money is not readily available. “Sex means babies equals broke, and I’m not trying to be broke,” Kaysha said.

“I understand your concerns, but I don’t want that responsibility right now. I kind of want to, like, shove little kids over when I hear them cry. So least of your worries.”

The second point centered around how quiet they would be, with the couple also promising that they would go to bed early. Kaden told his mother: “You know me, I’m in bed at, like, 10.”

“We’re going to get great sleep. We’re not going to be grumpy in the morning – I don’t even talk in the morning, so you’re fine,” his girlfriend added.

They also took photos of their report cards to show off their grades to prove that they were “smart and responsible kids.”

The presentation ended with a photo of Kaden as a toddler alongside his mother with one final attempt to convince the parents in case the other aspects of the PowerPoint didn’t work. “How can you say no to this face?” Kaysha said.

The TikTok went on to receive more than three million views, with Kaden’s mother revealing whether or not the presentation was effective. “Both were newly 18 and were still in high school, sweetest thing ever. Yes they now have sleepovers,” she captioned the video.

In response to the video, many people took to the comments to gush over both the couple and Kaden’s parents for creating an environment where Kaden and Kaysha even felt comfortable to ask for permission in the first place.

“The fact that they asked shows the amount of respect,” one comment read while another commenter agreed, writing: “I think the fact that they came to y’all instead of sneaking around says A LOT! I would let them with boundaries obviously. Trust them till they give you a reason not to.”

“Just know they felt safe and comfortable enough to come to you. That means something!!! Amazing time and effort put into this,” a third commenter pointed out.

Other commenters thought the TikTok could be used as proof that the couple is a good match based on the way they interacted with each other during the presentation.

“The fact that he agreed to do this… he’s the one,” one commenter wrote about Kaden.

“SAVE THIS VIDEO FOR THE WEDDING,” another comment read.

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