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The 9 Most Expensive-Looking Pieces on the High Street This Week

We all want to look like our most polished selves, don’t we? While, sadly, I’m not here to provide you with a week at a spa or an endless allowance at The Row, I am here to bring you a treasure trove of the most expensive-looking pieces on the high street every week. It’s my mission to prove that you can find premium pieces to elevate your wardrobe without the designer price tag and to make it easy for you to pinpoint the items on the high street that are really worth adding to your wardrobe. Plus, there’s a few early Black Friday deals inside for good measure. 

There are some amazing gems out there that your friends won’t believe aren’t designer, but there’s a lot to sift through to find them. That’s where I come in. As a Who What Wear editor, I scroll new-in collections as a hobby, and I can spot an expensive-looking (and -feeling) piece a mile away. I’ll be adding the best bits I find to this list. Some may be more “affordable” than others, but you can be confident every piece is here because I believe it offers great value.

I hope this edit helps save you time and money as you build a closet of classic pieces that bring joy and last much longer than just a few seasons. Now to the good part. Keep scrolling to shop.

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