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The Best Tubing Mascaras That Won’t Flake Or Smudge, As Tested By Our Discerning Editors

(Image credit: Who What Wear UK)

As a beauty editor who has tried many, many mascaras during my career, my biggest gripe is that so many mascaras smudge and flake. And if you’re someone with both hooded eyes and oily skin like me, you’ll know all too well the frustration of mascara transferring onto your brow bone throughout the day, or noticing that your mascara has flaked underneath your eyes at midday after a morning of meetings.

It’s often worse during the summer, when feeble mascara crumble at the slightest turn of warmer weather and slicker skin. Couple that with sweaty commutes and it seems many mascaras just aren’t cutting it. However, this all changed when I discovered the best tubing mascaras around, and I’ve had one in my makeup bag ever since.

What Is a Tubing Mascara?

Tubing mascara is very different from standard mascara, which is usually formed of oils or waxes that layer onto the lashes. Tubing mascaras are made of polymers, which wrap around each individual eyelash to create a ‘tube’ effect. The result is a longer-lasting, smudge and flake-free finish.

They’re typically a lot easier to remove than traditional mascara, too. In fact, many can be removed with just warm water—you’ll actually see the tubes slide off your lashes between your fingers when you come to remove it. A big bonus if you have sensitive eyes and find mascara hard to remove.

Our Who What Wear team panel for testing the best tubing mascaras

(Image credit: Who What Wear UK)

How We Tested the Best Tubing Mascaras

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