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These 17 Fragrances Scream Cosiness, According to People Who Smell (Really) Good

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You probably know by now that a fragrance can really set the scene or give off a certain vibe. That’s especially true with perfumes. The fragrance you choose can dictate what kind of aura you want to put across. So do you want to feel carefree and flirty? Maybe you want to go for something that’s fruity or citrusy. Want to give off a traditional floral vibe? Or maybe your goal is to feel incredibly sexy. Well, for that I’d recommend something spicy. It’s all about matching the fragrance to your mood.

So in autumn and winter, I tend to gravitate toward fragrances that are cosy and warm. I want to feel like I’m wrapped up in a snug blanket. And it turns out I’m not alone—my Who What Wear colleagues are fans of the warm-perfume trend, too.

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