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This Boho Jewelry Style Is Back, and I’m 100% on Board

There are a lot of trends from the 2000s I wouldn’t be happy to see make a comeback, but long statement necklaces, however, are not one of them. Similar to the cord necklaces we saw bubble up last summer, the pendant necklaces of 2024 come in all shapes and sizes. You can find pendants made of mixed metals, glass, and stone, or simply rely on the design of the cord or chain. A fashion favorite take on the jewelry style had to be Chemena Kamali’s debut at Chloé, which featured dangling gold chains layered over flouncy dresses and sheer tops.

While Chloé’s revival of boho chic has been almost made synonymous with the trend, it’s very much possible to wear a long necklace without channeling the mid-aughts aesthetic. You can also go the more minimal route inspired by Givenchy, who had long cord necklaces layered over simple tanks with plunging necklines. If you’re looking to elevate a simple outfit, a long statement necklace is an easy and quick fix.