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Ticketmaster hack: Customers told to sign up to security service

The group responsible for the Ticketmaster hack is called ShinyHunters – it posted an advert on a hacking forum on 28th May offering the data of 560m customers.

The gang is asking for $500,000 (£390,000) for the data and it is not clear if they have sold the tranche.

After days of investigation, it was revealed that the hackers had taken data from Ticketmaster by stealing login details from Snowflake, the company it uses for its cloud storage account.

It then emerged that more 160 other Snowflake clients had been targeted in the same way – with huge amounts of private and corporate data being stolen.

Banking group Santander is one of those affected – 30m of its customers in Chile, Spain and Uruguay were hacked.

Cyber security firm Mandiant – which investigated the attacks – says Snowflake itself was not breached.

Mandiant says ShinyHunters, or whichever hackers carried out the wider attacks, obtained the login details from each client company directly.

Ticketmaster’s owner Live Nation has previously only confirmed the hack via a notice to shareholders filed to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

It acknowledged “unauthorised activity” on its database but said the hack would have no material impact on its business.

Ticketmaster did not respond to multiple requests for comment from journalists before and since the filing.

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