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Tori Spelling shares the story of her first breast augmentation

Tori Spelling has revealed one surgery she had done as a teenager.

In a recent episode of her podcast, called misSPELLING, the 90210 actress was answering a question from a fan who asked her: “Did you get your boobs done in a van down by the river?” The question led to her to talk about her experience getting breast implants at 19 while in a strip mall.

“I’ve always wanted to have sex in the back of a van,” Spelling responded to the question. “Not while I get my boobs done. And not by the river. Maybe by a beautiful lake.”

The actress then joked about having her breasts worked on more than once, as she told the fan: “My boobs? Which version of them? I just got them done again, you guys. I think these aren’t the ones either, godd***it.”

“I think they’re okay now. My whole intention of getting them redone was to go smaller, because, looking back to the ‘90s, I was like, I liked my boobs. I wish I had just kept them. Like, they’re really great.”

Spelling explained that prior to her first breast augmentation surgery she was a “like, a 32B, maybe an A plus — like, or minus” and her goal at the time was to “make them look fuller.”

When she was 19, she said she’d also been dating a “bad boyfriend” who told her that a friend of his friend “was a stripper and she had her boobs done.”

She ended up going to the same doctor after getting the recommendation. “I was so scared to tell anybody that I was like: ‘Okay.’ And so I went to this doctor and it was in a strip mall. I’m not kidding. I can’t make this up,” Spelling said.

“I think he was a fine doctor, it was just an outpatient surgery center in a strip mall,” she continued.

The actress explained that there were some concerning aspects regarding what she was doing, but she still went through with the procedure. “I was 19. I was like: ‘Uh, this isn’t Beverly Hills. What’s happening?’ I was confused, and now I know, hey, you can get everything done in a strip mall. I was concerned, but of course I didn’t say anything, and I got them done.”

Because she was too afraid to tell her parents about the surgery, she said she had some of her friends take care of her afterward.

However, she eventually had to come clean to her mother when her friends had to leave in order to be with their families for Christmas.

“My mom [Candy Spelling] had to come over and take care of me because, at the time, I was best friends with Carmen Electra and Alicia Silverstone, and they were taking care of me,” Spelling said.

“I can’t even make this stuff up, you guys,” she said. “I was bandaged up and my mom came over and I was like: ‘I have to tell you something.’”

However, according to Spelling, her mother ended up being “really cool about it” and only went on to ask her about her ankle tattoo.

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