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Trisha Paytas announces pregnancy with her second child

Trisha Paytas has announced that she is pregnant with her second child.

The YouTube star posted to her Instagram account a family photo on Tuesday 21 November. The photo included her husband, Moses Hacmon, her one-year-old daughter Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon wearing a sweater that read “Big Sister,” and herself holding a sonogram of the soon-to-be new addition to their family.

“Thankful,” Paytas’ caption began, nodding to Thanksgiving taking place on Thursday 23 November. “Baby #2 coming May 2024.”

As for a name, Paytas revealed that this baby will be named Elvis in Tuesday’s episode of her podcast.

Both Moses and Trisha are parents to Malibu Barbie after announcing they were expecting on Valentine’s Day 2022, and Trisha giving birth on 14 September 2022.

Paytas and Hacmon – who tied the knot back in 2021 – decided on the name Malibu Barbie and embraced it, despite occasional criticism from some online. Now, Paytas said that her daughter has really grown into the persona.

“She’s like a little girl, so I just get to dress her up! Like, I was excited to have a boy or a girl, but now that she’s a girl I just, like, dress her like a mini-me. She’s so much fun… she’s very Malibu Barbie,” Paytas said in a May interview with ET.

Soon after her daughter’s birth, the YouTuber gushed about how much she was enjoying motherhood. “[Life] has changed so much, for the better, I feel like,” she told the outlet back in May. “There’s still the funness, and I still can cosplay and do crazy things, but it’s just better now, ‘cause I have a little partner and it’s just so fun.”

“Nothing else matters once you have a kid,” Paytas said. “It’s like, that’s all that matters and nothing else matters, so, like, I’m oblivious to everything in the world. It’s great!”

She loved being a parent so much that, at the time, said the couple was already trying for their second baby. “Oh, we’re trying! We are trying, yes,” she said in May. “We hope soon.”

Despite how much she enjoys it, she revealed being a parent still comes with its hardships. “I don’t think anyone fully prepares you to be a mom, or a parent, and all of it is both easier and harder than I thought,” she shared. “On one hand, you know, changing diapers, all that stuff, it’s very easy. And then, on the other hand, it’s a lot more difficult. I’m like: ‘Oh my gosh, you have to entertain this person and what does she like to do?’ She likes to look at her hands, she likes to look at [toys] and you’re just, like, you’re figuring it all out. So it’s easier and harder than I thought. But it’s so perfect.”

“I never thought this would ever happen for me, marriage and a baby,” Paytas added, reflecting on her life.

After posting her pregnancy announcement, many people took to the comments of her Instagram post to express how happy they were for Paytas. “You really got the happy ending you always wanted for your lil family,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “You always dreamt of a family and now look. I’m so happy.”

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