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Water bills set to rise by £94 over next five years

Water bills in England and Wales are set to rise by an average £19 per year until 2030, industry regulator Ofwat has said.

Although this will put more pressure on households, it is a third less than the amount requested by water companies.

The bill hike is intended to fund investment for improvements such as replacing leaking pipes and reducing sewage discharges into rivers and seas.

It comes as suppliers face increasing scrutiny over their environmental and financial performance over the past years, as well as anger over executive pay.

The bill hike varies by region, with Thames Water customers facing an increase of £99 or 23% over the nest five years, Anglian customers looking at £66 or 13%, and Southern Water customers facing £183, an increase of 44%.

The proposed bill rises can be challenged by the water firms, with a final determination due at the end of the year with increases set to take place from April.

Industry group Water UK said the proposed plans were “the biggest ever cut in investment.”

“As a direct result, more housing will be blocked, the recovery of our rivers will be slower and we will fail to deal with the water shortages we know are coming,” a spokesperson said.

Labour has pledged a crackdown on the industry, promising consumers higher compensation for sewage failures and the power to hold executives to account.

The new Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Steve Reed, is meeting water company bosses on Thursday to discuss performance issues and ways of improving it.

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