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‘Westworld’ actor Jonathan Tucker helps rescue neighbor’s family during home invasion

Actor Jonathan Tucker helped rescue a neighbor’s family in Hancock Park on Sunday evening during an attempted home invasion that was confirmed by The Times.

The suspect had entered the residence but later fled, an LAPD representative said Tuesday. Officers who had been alerted to a “hot prowl” apprehended a man in his 30s. That man was taken into custody without incident.

Tucker’s representative confirmed the “Westworld” actor’s involvement but said the actor was not “engaging on the interview front.”

Tucker called 911 around 6:20 p.m. after he noticed someone banging on doors in his neighborhood, police told Los Angeles Magazine.

Shortly after, the 42-year-old “City on a Hill” veteran saw that a neighbor’s front door was open and burst into action. In video obtained by KTLA, screams could be heard coming from inside after the suspect entered but before Tucker’s arrival. The actor, barefoot and carrying a bag he said was filled with protective equipment, went into the home right after the homeowner, who told the station that he had been out but came home quickly after getting a phone notification.

Tucker carried a young girl out of the house, reportedly handing her to his wife, Tara. He then went back inside and found the girl’s mother and an infant, who both appeared distressed.

LAPD appeared at the scene within minutes of Tucker’s call, KTLA said.

The homeowner, who declined to be identified on camera, was grateful for Tucker’s response. “He took action,” the homeowner told the station.

He called the incident a “traumatizing experience.” No damage was done, the homeowner said.

Tucker, who played Jay Kulina for three seasons on the series “Kingdom,” declined to talk on camera but can be heard off-camera in the KTLA video shouting thanks to the officers who responded, setting off a small round of applause from people who had watched events unfold.

“If you want a quote, call the LAPD because those guys are the real heroes. They put their lives on the line every day multiple times a day,” he told Los Angeles Magazine. “They responded within minutes, while I was still on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. It was an extraordinary response.”

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