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Who is Michael Mosley, missing TV personality and diet guru?

Mosley said he got the idea for self-experimentation after making a programme about a scientist who struggled to prove the effectiveness of a treatment for stomach ulcers – and eventually deliberately gave himself one.

“I discovered that almost all the great medical discoveries were made by self-experimenters, whether it was vaccines, anaesthetics or whatever,” he told Radio 4 in 2015. “And so I thought, this is a terrific idea.”

His 2012 BBC documentary The Truth About Exercise explored who benefitted the most from different types of aerobic training, while 2013’s The Truth About Personality followed a similar format but focused on different outlooks on life and how to change them.

The same year, he helped bring back Trust Me I’m a Doctor, a programme he had originally produced in the late 1990s.

This time he was leading the line-up of presenters who examined a variety of health claims, attracting more than three million viewers.

Some of his work has been seen as controversial, including his 2021 series Lose a Stone in 21 Days for Channel 4.

He said in the three-part series that it was possible to lose a stone in three weeks by extreme calorie restriction.

This received backlash on social media, with eating disorder charity Beat stating they extended the hours of their helpline to support anyone affected by the show.

The broadcaster responded that Channel 4 had spoken to Beat “long before the programme went out”.

Mosley’s diets advocated for a similar approach, with his Fast 800 Diet recommending those wishing to lose weight undertake an 800 calorie-a-day meal plan that is low in carbohydrates and includes Mediterranean foods.

His diets attracted a lot of attention, both for their methods and scientific accuracy.

But they were popular, and he published numerous books about Fast 800, as well as titles like Fast Exercise, 4 Weeks to Better Sleep, and a companion book to Just One Thing.

While qualified as a doctor, Mosley did not remain registered as a medical doctor.

He is survived by Clare Bailey, also a doctor and author, and has four children.

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