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Russian Manicure 1

Why Are Russian Manicures the Topic of the Beauty World Right Now? – Fashion Bomb Daily

Russian Manicure 1
Photo Credit: IG/Reproduction

The latest new beauty trend, “Russian Manicures” are the talk of the beauty nail art world. As of recent, the trend and the cost of getting a Russian Manicure has gone viral on TIkTok, and the girls are sold.

With their main focus on technique, attention to detail, and emphasis on nail health, the Russian manicure has gained popularity for its unique approach to achieving perfectly groomed and stunning nails.

Selling the beauty community on their nail care, their technique has evolved over the years, blending traditional Russian practices with modern nail care principles to create a unique and highly sought-after method.

Russian Manicure 2
Photo Credit: IG/Reproduction

Cuticle Care:

Unlike traditional manicures that often involve soaking the hands to soften the cuticles, Russian manicures emphasize dry cuticle work. Nail technicians use specially designed bits on an electric file to gently and precisely remove excess cuticle without the need for soaking.

Nail Shape and Length:

Russian manicures are known for achieving a natural and well-groomed look. Technicians pay careful attention to shaping the nails to complement the client’s hands and preferences. The focus is often on achieving a more squared-off or slightly rounded shape, eschewing the exaggerated lengths and shapes seen in some other nail trends.

Product Selection:

Quality products play a crucial role in Russian manicures. Technicians use high-quality, hypoallergenic products to ensure the health of the natural nail. This includes the use of vitamin-infused cuticle oils, strengthening base coats, and durable, long-lasting polish.

Gel Polishes:

Russian manicures often incorporate gel polishes for their durability and glossy finish. These polishes are applied in thin layers, allowing for a natural and flexible feel. The use of gel polishes also contributes to the longevity of the manicure, keeping nails looking impeccable for an extended period.

Russian Manicure 3
Photo Credit: IG/Reproduction

But if you’re not sold just yet, the benefits of Russian Manicures may just help with that.

Nail Health:

The dry cuticle work and emphasis on using nourishing products contribute to improved nail health. Russian manicures prioritize the long-term well-being of the natural nail, promoting strength and flexibility.

Natural Aesthetics:

Russian manicures are celebrated for their ability to enhance the natural beauty of the nails. The result is a sophisticated and timeless look that complements any style or occasion.


The use of quality products, combined with precise techniques, results in a manicure that lasts longer than traditional methods. This longevity has contributed to the widespread appeal of Russian manicures.

Bombshells, would you splurge on a Russian Manicure?

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