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Why New York’s Hottest Wellness Destination Is Actually A Cosmetic Dental Office

Who would have thought that a dental office is a destination for wellness? Bensonhurst Dental, however, really is. Owned and run by the Rubinshtein family, their mission is to provide top-of-the-line care for their patients, who range from musicians, actors and professional sports players and jet in from all over the world for a visit.

The “wow” happens from the moment you walk in: the fashion-forward, hip waiting area is more like an art gallery than a dental office. It features a distinctive greenery wall and artwork of hip hop legends (painted by their patients). I wasn’t surprised to hear that people from around the globe come here for the exceptional dental care combined with the luxe spa-like amenities. Pampering perks include patient suites with 12 ft ceilings, private entrances, healthy smoothies and lavender scented towels.

Dr. Daniel Rubinshtein, who specializes in cosmetic care- namely his in-demand veneers-, spoke to me recently about how his family’s practice is more destination than dental.

Describe the beautiful wellness aesthetic in your office. What was the design inspiration? What can clients expect from the minute they walk in the door?

We’ve created a high end hospitality-centric space, where the design was purposefully centered around the patient experience. Our patients, top athletes and A-list artists seek us out for our revolutionary smile makeovers. Our porcelain veneers are what we are known for. We bring them out on display before each application on an exquisite velvet tray, like something you might encounter at a high end jeweler when they show you a selection of priceless diamonds.

All patients are presented with a list of pampering amenities like smoothies, flat screen TV’s with access to all streaming platforms, cozy blankets, ergonomically designed exam chairs, noise canceling headphones, portable chargers, lavender warm towels, custom scents that runs throughout the office, VIP private parking, and an in house dental lab. The three floor office offers a private conference room if you need to take a business call, two waiting areas for privacy, and you have your own personal concierge that is assigned to you.

We also designed ten foot door frames and 12-15 fit ceilings to accommodate our taller athlete clients. For celebrity clients visiting with security or an entourage, we offer a separate waiting area.

You serve a global clientele and have people flying in from all over the world for a smile makeover appointment with you. Where are some of the places they come from? And has a client ever flown you out to see them?

We’re so fortunate to have patients who travel from all over the world to our Brooklyn-based practice, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and more. People fly in because they know that we are a one stop shop. It’s a multi specialty office where we are able to do all the work in one place. We did have a few clients fly us out to get their scans done to start the design process of their smile makeover, but this is a rarity.

The actual procedures have to be done at our office because we have invested in top of the line equipment and technology. The majority of our clients are from out of town, thus we know how to expedite the process and consolidate each appointment to minimize travel.

You have a loyal clientele that includes celebrities and many A-list athletes. Who are some of them and why do they seek you out?

Our hospitality aspect has been a top priority since day one. Our mission is to provide an elevated experience to all our clients. From the minute you enter you are treated with VIP service, and we treat every patient like family. They trust us with their smiles and health, and continue to support and recommend us. We are in high demand and patients book out as far as six months to a year in advance.

Some of our high profile patients include Jermaine Dupri, the producer and rapper, and Cam Thomas from the Brooklyn Nets.

What are your most requested services from your A-list clientele at the moment? Why do you think that is?

We have seen a major shift in all patients, especially our celebrity patients who are more focused on overall wellness and longevity of their smiles. There has also been a significant increase and high demand for our renowned smile makeovers which include our popular, signature thin porcelain veneers.

The practice has been in Brooklyn for over 35 years and recently underwent a major renovation. How have you and your team transformed this quaint suburban multi-level home into a high tech dental experience?

It’s a legacy practice. My family and I have been in dentistry and medical fields for generations. We’ve incorporated natural elements such as plants, wood and stone throughout the space to make it more inviting and comforting.

It was originally one floor, and we did a full gut renovation and turned the space into a three floor dental oasis. Because we were able to renovate the entire office, we were able to invest in the best equipment, latest technology to complement the high end redesign of the office.

Since our patients can be in the chairs for up to several hours depending on the procedures, our tailor-made treatment chairs in our 9 suites were designed with a softer leather to provide comfort and a more luxurious feeling when you lay down.

With over 1 million TikTok followers and almost half a million on Instagram, you have become famous on social media for transforming people’s smiles. How was that impacted and helped your practice and patients?

Working with some of the most high-profile people in the country has helped grow my audience in a positive way and steers new patients to our practice. What sets our work apart is that our custom porcelain veneers aren’t designed to ‘stand out’, they are carefully designed to make each patient’s smile more natural and unique, and thus make people have more confidence in their smiles and themselves.

How were you able to combine your passion for putting your unique spin on dentistry while making enough noise to get the word out about your work?

My persona is part doctor and artist with a twist of hip hop swagger wrapped into one. Brooklyn youth culture is in my DNA. I grew up playing basketball (and still do) and listening to hip hop. I wanted our practice to be a reflection of my style and clientele.

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