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Woman reveals she was asked to leave baby shower after arriving in white dress

One of the biggest faux pas a person can make with their attire at a wedding is to wear the same color as the bride, white.

However, in a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” subreddit, a woman revealed what happened when she showed up to a baby shower wearing white. According to the woman, who wore a white and blue floral sundress to the event, she hadn’t thought her outfit choice would be a problem.

“I didn’t think anything of it because, as far as I know, white is only inappropriate for bridal events,” her Reddit post read.

However, after she arrived, the soon-to-be mother, Claire, began to give her the cold shoulder without any kind of explanation. “Later, one of my other friends pulled me aside and asked me to leave. She said that Claire was offended by my ‘attention seeking behavior’ and that it was inappropriate to wear white to Claire’s event,” she wrote, adding that she left the shower because of it.

The post concluded with the woman explaining that she had no idea wearing white to a baby shower was against the rules, before asking commenters whether or not she was in the wrong.

“I’m super confused. Like I said, I thought the white rule only applied to bridal events. Our friends are refusing to take sides but a couple have told me I should apologize even if I don’t think I’m wrong,” she wrote on Reddit.

After posting, people took to the comments section to defend her decision, with many claiming that there are no colors that are off-limits for baby showers.

“There are no banned colors at baby showers,” one comment began. “If this is out of character for your friend, I would kindly tell her that you were asked to leave and ask her for an explanation. Perhaps it is possible that others at the party took it upon themselves to ask you to leave without her approval. At no point should you apologize for your clothing choice. Your dress was beautiful and appropriate for the occasion. I would just word it along the lines of ‘I am sad that I missed the opportunity to celebrate you and your baby’ without accepting blame for the fact that you were not there.”

Another commenter questioned why one of Claire’s friends had told her to leave and not the mother-to-be herself.

“People like to do this type of dumb s*** when an opportunity presents itself,” the comment began. “I’m curious as to if this really was the mom-to-be’s opinion/thought process or was it the ‘deliverer of the news’. I’d bet my right tata it was the latter. And if it was the latter, if she felt that way, she should have said it with her whole chest vs playing it the other way.”

“I would reach out to her and tell her that you’re very upset about being asked to leave the baby shower. If she apologizes or says she had no idea, that’s one thing. If she doubles down, I would tell her not to bother inviting you to anything else,” a third commenter suggested.

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