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Woman shows hilarious way she surprises men at the gym who hit on her

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A mother showed off the hilarious way she deters men who hit on her at the gym.

In a viral TikTok video, fitness coach Maria – who is pregnant with twins – revealed that people standing behind her can’t tell she’s pregnant. She claimed that her belly is the best way to keep men from flirting with her as she’s working out, turning around as they approach her to deter them. In the caption, she joked: “That’s one way to get rid of them.”

Since she posted the clip, the video has garnered more than 300,000 likes on the platform, with many people in the comment section finding themselves shocked by her reveal and calling her gym strategy relatable.

“Nothing on planet earth could have prepared me for that,” one user wrote. “Wow you carry so well all the best to you and your family.”

“I wish I looked like that from the back during my [pregnancy] and I just have one baby,” another added.

“I’m so in awe of your stamina,” someone else commented. “You’re carrying these babies like it’s no big deal! I’d be slumped on the couch like a beached whale.” Maria replied, “Girl 99 per cent of the time same.”

Others shared their own experiences of unwanted advances from men during their pregnancies.

“Someone asked for my number when I was 8 months with my first,” one person wrote. “In his defense, I don’t ‘pop’ in my pregnancies so it was an awkward conversation.”

“This happened to me when I was 9 months,” another said. “My big brother cussed that man out.”

Someone else shared a different experience in which she shocked a customer with her pregnant belly.

“When I worked retail, I was helping a customer behind the counter and had to show her a product. When I came around the counter, she literally said ‘oh DAMN,’” one user wrote.

Throughout her most recent pregnancy, Maria has continued to be active at the gym and has become a staunch advocate of pregnant women working out.

“If you’ve been lifting weights for a year, two years, whatever, you can continue doing so,” she said. “Just adjust the weights a little bit.”

In an interview with The Sun, Marie revealed that she “still couldn’t believe” she was having twins even while celebrating their arrival at her baby shower. At the event, she rocked a frilly green gown while posing in front of neutral-colored balloons, which she chose because the family didn’t know the gender yet.

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